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Estate Administration

BSR Legal Group is proud to assist clients with the administration of estates and trusts. We understand how difficult this time can be, following the death of a loved one, and we understand how challenging the responsibilities of serving as the Executor or Administrator of the estates of the recently deceased, or as the Trustee of a trust, can be. Whether clients require assistance getting started and/or navigating the rigors of the probate process, with trust administration, or wish for us to serve as the Administrator or Trustee, we are here to help. Additionally, for clients who would prefer to have a professional serve as the Executor, Administrator, or Trustee, BSR Legal Group has the experience and expertise to smoothly administer any estate or trust.

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Probate Assistance

Probate is the process where the Court gets involved to oversee the administration of an estate after someone passes away. Generally this involves someone going to the courthouse and getting qualified as the Executor under a Will or the administrator of an estate if someone passes away without a will. After qualification, whoever is in charge needs to do perform an inventory of the estate assets and file annual accountings with the Commissioner of Accounts until the estate is fully resolved. The probate process can be incredibly confusing and challenging, especially following the death of a loved one. BSR Legal Group is here to provide assistance to anyone who finds themselves needing to navigate the probate process. We can also serve as the Executor or Administrator for estates in need of a professional fiduciary services.

Trustee Services

Trust administration can become complex very quickly depending on the type of trust, the assets under administration, and the needs of the beneficiaries of the Trust. Whether clients need help getting Trust administration started following the death of a loved one or wish for a professional to serve as the Trustee, BSR Legal Group is ready to assist clients with any Trust needs they may have. 

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