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Family Law

Divorce, Custody & Visitation, Support, and Adoption

Distanced Couple


Divorce is never an easy choice, but when it is time to move on, BSR Legal Group can provide you with the information and insight you need to make informed decisions about how to navigate this difficult time. Our process begins with a consultation where our skilled attorneys will listen to the specifics of your situation and provide you with various options on how to proceed, based on the breadth of your marital estate and the reasonableness of your spouse.  Most divorces are resolved in one of three ways:  Uncontested Divorce, Negotiated Divorce, or Contested Divorce.

Child Custody & Visitation 

Seeking custody and/or visitation can be a scary issue to navigate through the court system, because nothing is more important than the safety and welfare of your children.  At BSR Legal Group, we can help you gain more time with your child or help you protect them from a questionable or unsafe environment.  We strive to make sure that you understand the factors that are considered by the Court as well as what evidence you can present and how to present it to help you achieve the best result possible.  


Obtaining or enforcing Child or Spousal Support can be an incredibly complicated and stressful process. BSR Legal Group can take the burden off you and make enforcing your rights to the support you and/or your children deserve efficient and as painless as possible.


Here at BSR Legal Group, we LOVE assisting with adoptions.  It is a wonderful and poignant time for families whether it is a foster care adoption, stepparent adoption, or even adult adoption.  While it is one of our favorite things to do, it can be complicated and the process must be followed absolutely, or it can create drawn-out and complex problems.  At BSR Legal Group, we pride ourselves in the familiarity and knowledge of the process and can smoothly guide you and your family through your new addition. 

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