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Nathan C. Coulter

Founding Partner

Nathan launched his legal career in Roanoke, Virginia, as a family law and criminal defense attorney, a path he stayed on for several years until he began practicing increasing amounts estate and business law matters, work Nathan found he very much enjoyed. Consequently, Nathan moved to Richmond, Virginia, in 2019, to work for a large estate planning firm and he began practicing primarily Estate Administration. Since that time Nathan has served as the Executor or Administrator of dozens of estates, as Trustee for dozens of trusts, and has provided legal counsel and guidance for hundreds of estate and trust matters.

In 2021, Nathan founded Coulter Law, PLLC, specializing in providing virtual and mobile legal services to his clients, thereby providing high quality and affordable legal services at an unprecedented level of convenience, particularly during the COVID-19 Pandemic. In 2023, Nathan was delighted to return to Southwest Virginia when he was invited to co-found BSR Legal Group, alongside two of the finest attorneys Nathan has had the pleasure of working with and learning from: David Robinson and Jordan Sharpes

Nathan focuses his practice on Estate Planning, Estate and Trust Administration, and Elder Law matters. His background in family law and estate administration taught him the pitfalls of poor planning and how easily poor planning can contribute to fights amongst families. Nathan uses this experience to carefully tailor estate plans and trusts around his clients' specific needs, family circumstances, and finances, and he uses his affinity for technology to offer his clients unmatched efficiency and convenience.

Attorney Nathan Coulter's AUstralian Sheperd Augustus "Gus" Von Reginald Coulter, III, the estate planning puppy

As a life-long Virginian who grew up in Harrisonburg, Virginia, and presently resides in Salem, Virginia, Nathan takes great pride in bringing efficient and effective legal solutions to his clients throughout Virginia. When not working, Nathan can be found playing with Gus, his Australian Shepperd, playing guitar, working in his garden, or fixing all manner of broken things.

BSR Legal Group Founding Partner, Attorney Nathan Coulter specializing in Estate planning and Administration

Nathan's Practice Areas

  • Estate Planning

    • Wills

    • Trusts

    • Financial Powers of Attorney

    • Medical Powers of Attorney

    • Multi-generational Wealth Planning

    • Medicaid Asset Protection Planning

    • Minors' Trusts

    • Pet Trusts

    • Charitable Planning

    • Family Farm Planning​​​

    • Life Estate Planning

  • Estate Administration

    • Trust Administration

    • Probate Assistance

    • Probate Estate Administration

    • Fiduciary Services

  • Business Formation and Planning

    • LLC & Corporate Formation

    • Succession Planning

    • Operating and Shareholder Agreements​

  • Deeds

    • Trust Funding Deeds

    • Transfer on Death Deeds

    • Deeds of Gift

    • Life Estate Deeds

  • Mobile Services​

    • Estate Planning and plan signing in Client's homes, hospitals, or other care facilities​

  • Guardianships and Conservatorships​

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